Evening Code Meetup

Meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people, while working on your own software projects in a cozy environment. This is a meetup of startup founders and people with an entrepreneurial mindset who seek to get feedback from a broader group of other technophiles.


Collaboration, networking, and exchange of solutions for problems which founders frequently face while spawning their ideas into reality, is at the very heart of this meetups. People who attend this meetup can receive advice and tips from like-minded individuals who might be further down the road of establishing an enterprise. So if you have gathered experience on how to carve out an MVP out of a business idea, your expertise is highly appreciated. It is all about exactly two things: exchanging experience & working on your own product. Get together, code, prototype, draw, design, chat & drink taking your product further one step at a time.



Rablstr. 2, 81669 Munich